Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here are some 50 or so pictures of the 550 or so I took while in China. I have provided some obnoxious comments.

I'd be thrilled to hear any comments, coherent or otherwise.

China pictures with stupid captions

I'll be back here on about a weekly basis, offering meaningless stories for those who aren't reading this as they look for emptiness.


frog princess said...

I love the pictures. Looks like Nanjing has a Sephora before we in Dayton get ours at the Green. And the Commie Academy Bank looks like one that we Americans would want to avoid unless we want to open ourselves up to governmental investigation... The students look sweet and the university facilities modern and clean. The classroom could be at Wright State with its contemporary tables, wiring and lighting.

Lacy said...

Good words.